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Earthbound Israel is an Innovation Center and a Bridge between Technologies and Multinational Corporations

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Earthbound leverages its high-level relationships with the world’s largest retailers and consumer goods producers to bring cutting edge innovation to the mass-market.

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Earthbound Israel was granted the exclusive rights for operating Unilever’s Open Innovation Port in Israel

Earthbound Israel is Walmart’s Anchor Innovation Partner for sourcing new technologies in Israel

Close ongoing relationship and proven success stories with top executives in many other multinationals and retailers


Earthbound Israel is an innovation center based in Tel–Aviv. Earthbounds’ mission is to be an innovation arm for multinational brands, and the Big Box Retailers, supplying them with an unprecedented access to Israeli startups. As well as being a channel for Israeli startups to access multinational brands and guide them through the commercial process to fruition.

Earthbound Israel scouts, incubates and facilitates need-driven, disruptive technologies for the world’s largest corporations in fields of: agro, food tech, health& wellness, personal care, Home care, digital, marketing, IoT, packaging and more.

Earthbound Israel is a division of Earthbound LLC which is a strategic partner of leading retailers and CPG’s, managing a large portfolio of popular brands and patented products & technologies that are licensed directly to major retailers and large Multinationals, creating exclusive merchandising programs and differentiates them from competitors.

Following several years of success in supplying innovation to our partners, in 2011, Earthbound Israel was chosen by Walmart to serve as their Anchor Innovation Partner. In 2013 Earthbound Israel was nominated by Unilever to be their Open Innovation Port in Israel and by Walmart, to serve as their Anchor Innovation Partner.


Avner Gordin

Avner Gordin


Sharon Dayan

Sharon Dayan

Business Development / Unilever Open Innovation Port

Liana Naim

Liana Naim

Business Development / Home, Personal & Health Care Technologies

Hadar Sutovsky

Hadar Sutovsky

Business Development / Agro, Food Technologies & New Ventures

Gili Karmon

Gili Karmon

Project & Office Manager

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